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February 14, 2016

Jahmene Douglas hits back at plastic surgery rumours: “I’ve not had a facelift!”

Jahmene Douglas hits back at plastic surgery rumours

Miss. Caroline Mills from The Face Surgeons believes he may have gone under the knife to achieve the perfect nose.

She told us: “Jahméne may have undergone rhinoplasty surgery to alter the shape of his nose. It appears to have been slim lined.”

Anti-ageing expert Dr. Kishan Raichura from IGDP Dental told us that it looks like Jahmene has jumped on the bandwagon of men seeking anti-aging injectables, despite the fact he is just 24.

“His remarkably smooth forehead could be down to Botox use, indicated by the shine to the area. His face shape appears different too,” he told us.

“The lengthening of his jaw and chin could be the result of a an aesthetic treatment we call chin augmentation, which can involve dermal fillers or small implants to alter the shape of the lower face.”

Aesthetic nurse and injectable expert Julie Brackenbury agreed, adding: “Jahméne certainly looks much different now compared to his time on the X Factor! Whilst his eye colour can be changed with clever contacts, there’s no denying he’s visited a cosmetic clinic to complete the rest f his dramatic facial overhaul.

“His cheekbones appear more pronounced and lifted suggesting he’s undergone dermal filler treatment, and his lips appear fuller.

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