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April 6, 2019

Save your sex life for £300

Would you try the brand new treatment that claims to rejuvenate your sex life and improve your intimate health in just 15 minutes?

For women whose intimate health and wellbeing is suffering as a result of the menopause or childbirth, there’s now a life-changing treatment that costs as little as a £300 being offered at top clinic.

Designed to restore balance to the body rather than to change the aesthetics of the vagina, Shelase was recently launched in the UK specifically with women suffering from vaginal atrophy in mind.

This is a common issue associated with menopause and even in younger women as a result of childbirth, but often leaves someone feeling uncomfortable and vulnerable within their own body.

For years women were destined to suffer in silence, living in discomfort both on the day to day and in terms of their sex lives, but Shelase is now changing lives and rejuvenating intimate health.

Offered by Bodyvie in London and led by long-establish doctor Dr Weber, the clinic is seeing the life-changing results first hand, with many patients reporting improvements to intimate issues after just one session.

Dr Weber says:

“Unlike other treatments that claim to help ease the symptoms of menopause, Shelase is entirely designed with menopausal women in mind. A completely revolutionary treatment, it is a versatile and multifaceted device for intimate health rejuvenation.

“Far from being single benefit treatment, Shelase offers multiple physical improvements within one session. Not only is this ideal for treating menopause symptoms such as vaginal dryness and discomfort, it is perfect for women who are hoping to improve vaginal strength and enjoy their sexual relationship again.

“This type of treatment is completely non invasive and non surgical. This means that no anaesthetic is required and you will not be required to stay over in hospital. On top of that, no incisions are made, making this one of the most safe an effective ways of boosting sexual satisfaction and reducing menopause symptoms available.

“At Bodyvie, our doctors have been trained extensively in using this device to complete all of our intimate health treatments. Patients can be sure that once this device is inserted they’ll be comfortable and the medical professional will be by their side throughout, talking them through the treatment.”

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