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May 6, 2019

Introducing Fontouring

Can an £80 energy-assisted facial replace makeup contouring?

A cosmetic clinic in Wales has developed a powerful facial, claiming it can not only tighten loose skin but actually replace daily contouring using makeup.

The ME Clinic in Cardiff has been offering ‘Fontouring’ (a play on facial contouring) using a device that uses radio frequency energy to lift and tone specific areas of the face.

Using Lipofirm Pro, skin rejuvenation experts at the clinic can lift, tone and smooth skin around the lower and mid face in a completely non invasive way.

Fontouring treatments start from just £80 and are proving popular with women looking to enhance their jawline and cheeks.

A spokesperson from The ME Clinic said: “We devised this advanced facial specifically for clients after being told by they wanted the visual effects of makeup contouring naturally.

“We’ve combined skin toning of the jawline and skin lifting around the cheeks and mid face using the power of radio frequency. The goal is to provide a more contoured appearance naturally, reducing the need for heavy makeup.

The clinic says this coincides with a rise in women seeking non surgical alternatives to injectables like dermal fillers, also used for facial contouring.

“The demand for safe and effective skin treatments has never been higher, and we’re delighted to be offering women a way to look and feel fantastic, whether they choose to wear makeup or not.”

During Fontouring, Lipofirm Pro uses radio frequency energy to stimulate the collagen production and strengthen the skin structure. Unlike surgery, it’s designed to gently tone and firm the skin and improve the skin’s appearance painlessly – without the dangers associated with invasive methods.

Radio frequency is an entirely non-surgical way of tightening loose or lax skin around the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, jaw line, jowls and also the area under the chin/neck.

It heats the dermis (the deepest skin layer) through hand pieces without damaging the epidermis (the top layers of the skin), to stimulate new collagen growth and provide an improvement in skin laxity and appearance, to remodel and enhance dermal density with minimal risks.

Treatments with Lipofirm Pro start from £80. A course may be needed for older skin, or skin lacking in natural tone.

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