According to some people on Twitter, Amber Gill has had surgery to enhance her body.But the Love Island star hasn’t spoken publicly about getting any work done.

Amber works as a beauty therapist so we’d imagine she gets a fair few treatments done but whether she’s gone under the knife or not, we’d have to leave that to her to say!

The Sun reported that she did opt for a noninvasive procedure before entering the villa. They say she underwent “Lipofirm Pro, to “lift and tone” her bottom so she “looks her best” in a bikini”.

Amber’s body on Twitter

Love Island viewers have taken to Twitter during series 5 to voice their appreciation for Amber’s physique.

The 21-year-old looks to have been seriously blessed in all the right places with a body that seems to be envied by the entire nation.

Some Twitter users wrote that “Amber’s body alone deserves the 50k” while another said: “Amber’s body is unreal. Best figure in the villa”.

Amber’s certainly gained some attention for her body but we’re not convinced she’s gone under the knife!

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